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InnoHEALTH Magazine Volume 6 issue 6

Theme Pandemic to Endemic: Living with the virus

This issue holds
  • Interview of Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi on Innovative journey of a multidimensional medical practitioner
Some highlights from the issue include articles on
    • An informed decision – Responsibility of One Towards Oneself by Dr. Alhad Mulkalwar
    • Is Hybrid Immunity the finale for COVID-19 by Dr. Geetika Ahuja

InnoHEALTH Magazine, incorporated as a wing of InnovatioCuris in 2016, is a quarterly magazine focusing on healthcare innovations. For 6 years, InnoHEALTH Magazine has produced and curated over 500 articles in various fields of healthcare innovations. Its advisory and editorial board is spread across 5 continents making the dream of innovations in healthcare to be showcased onto a single platform a reality.

InnoHEALTH magazine caters to over 50 host platforms online and offline and reaches over 95000+ stakeholders in the healthcare sector.

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