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eMagazine advertisement / sponsored content rate card

Ad size USD INR
Full page 425 30,000
Half page 265 19,000
Quarter page 125 9,000
Double spread 700 50,000
Inside back cover 560 40,000
Back cover 845 60,000
Inside front page 560 40,000

*Plus applicable GST

Sponsored content rate card web only

Would you like to promote your content on InnoHEALTH Magazine website? Check out the following rate card basis your interests.

Content type Content type description Cost (USD) Cost (INR)
Personal post Articles which describe about an incident in healthcare with a touch of personal experience 45 3100
Knowledge post Articles which describe about innovations, studies and/or policies in healthcare 45 3100
Service promotion post Articles which describe about promotion of services of an organisation 100 7000
Event promotion post Articles which describe about promoting any events like conferences, meetings, seminars, webinars, etc; 135 9400

What should your team provide us?

  1. Proof read article with reference links if any – (Copyright content free)
  2. Suggestion for title tag – (Not more than 60 characters in length)
  3. Suggestion for description(preview) tag – (Not more than 200 characters)
  4. Suggestion for featured image – (Should be free of copyright)
  5. Suggestion for link text – (This will be basis the availability)
  6. Your organisation’s social media handles

What will InnoHEALTH Magazine team do?

  1. Once we receive your sponsored article on our email, our editorial team will review the article
  2. Once approved and payment receipt, we will publish the article on our website
  3. Following features will be taken care by our team
    • Search engine optimisation
      • Title tag optimised input
      • Description tag optimised input
      • Featured image
      • Link text
    • Article on-page tag curation
    • Link sharing
    • Social media mention with your company’s social handles
  4. Our team will notify with the links wherever your article is published and shared

Guidelines for sponsorship content

  • Content to be less than 2000 words
  • Non plagiarised content (text, image and video)
  • Proof read content
  • Referenced content and suitable links

If you have any queries, reach us at

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