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Lifestyle-The way of your living


Lifestyle disease- Any disorder of discomfort which occurs due your faulty or unhealthy lifestyle. This diseases are directly linked with the way of living your life. It depends upon your physical activity, your food, your duration and quality of sleep etc.


How this lifestyle disease occurs. Does it occur within short exposure to unhealthy lifestyle or it takes length of time?

The onset of this lifestyle disease is insidious, they take years and years to develop and once it occurs it doesn’t want to leave the person. Putting on and on the unhealthy activities into your health causes these diseases. These diseases are commonly caused due to lack of physical activities, unhealthy eating habits, pollution, consuming alcohol, smoking, having drugs etc.


Though we are living in a developing country, due to technological advancement we want all the luxuries in your life to make your life easy, counting from remote control activities to receiving everything by just one click which is fair enough. But this luxury day by day leads you towards a super sedentary life, leads you to less or no physical activities and less social as well. Nowadays you have lots of friends on digital platforms but as soon as your internet goes down you start feeling lonely, your anxiety starts, you may go deep into stress and depression as well.

Here are 5 most common Lifestyle diseases:

1. Obesity- One of the biggest lifestyle diseases that are seen in India is obesity. This usually happens because of eating unhealthy foods, eating a lot more foods than one should and less physical activities.

2. Diabetes- especially type II which is a non-insulin form and usually develops in adults due to poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle.

3. Heart diseases (CVD)- Any irregularity or abnormality which affects the heart muscle and blood vessel walls is considered as cardiovascular diseases. It may be due to smoking etc.

4. High blood pressure (hypertension): Under normal circumstances, the normal value of blood pressure is 120/80. If it is any higher, it will be considered as high blood pressure. Although there are some exceptions, It happens due to an increase in stress level, eating too much salt in food, obesity, some genetic issues, etc.

5. Cancer- There are lots of controversies regarding the causes of cancer. However, some studies have shown unhealthy food habits and smoking are one of the main reasons which causes cancer.

Here are some facts regarding Lifestyle diseases in India:

Fact1: India has the highest number of diabetics, at 50.8 million, according to the WHO, though only 11% of the population has health insurance. This figure is set to increase to 73.5 million by 2025.

Fact2: 25 million suffer from CVD, which amounts to 60% of the global figure.

Fact3: According to the National Family Health Survey, India has the second-highest obese population with 155 million and the number is increasing at an alarming rate.

Fact4: 100 million Indians suffer from high blood pressure

Fact5: India has over 2 million registered cancer patients.

Now,  just imagine how safe or how vulnerable you are. If you are into a healthy lifestyle, then congratulations! You are safe! And if not, then this is the right time to wake up; this is the time to take your call. Wake up, shake it off a bit, and start taking action.

India has the highest number of diabetics at 50.8 million according to WHO.

25 million suffer from CVD which amount to 60% of the global figure.

“Composed by: Dr. Nasira Sultana belongs to a small village called Mohimari in the district of Kamrup rural. Currently she is practicing in her own clinic and also a lifestyle coach.”

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