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Dr.-V-K-Singh, Editor-in-Chief & MD, InnovatioCuris
Dr.-V-K-Singh, Editor-in-Chief & MD, InnovatioCuris

Of late there are many buzzwords being adopted into the health sector, is it inroad of IT into healthcare? It is very common to use these buzzwords by professionals without even understanding their meaning like AI, machine learning, ChatGPT and blockchain etc. I was invited by one of the IITs to give a talk on innovations in healthcare and to my surprise none could tell me the difference between innovation and invention.  It is strongly desired that the meaning of each word being used should be understood.  Technology should be to assist healthcare providers and not to take over their role. One of such buzzwords which has made inroads recently is ChatGPT, and I have asked many but none could tell me that it is an acronym for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer. 

We would be discussing one such concept in every issue of our magazine InnoHEALTH. The present issue would discuss ChatGPT which too has its positive and negative sides like any other concept.  It is requested to share your views in magazines to learn from each other’s point of view. Would like to invite articles on your experience in the health sector on these newer thinking. ChatGPT can be used to communicate with patients to answer their queries, provide medication schedules and appointment times etc. While there are many benefits it also has its limitations. I leave it to readers to judge its potentials and pen down learning.

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