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India gets drug-coated balloons to revolutionize coronary disease treatment

Coronary heart diseases are a growing problem, posing a matter of global concern and a dynamic area where work is perpetually going on so as to bring something new to the table in better management and treatment of the disease. Working in this direction are two cardiologists from Italy, professors Bernardo Cortese and Antonio Colombo who claim that a drug-coated balloon is a superior option to stents in certain situations. It is particularly suitable when the patient is young with multiple blockages and is affected with conditions that may make angioplasty fitted with drug-eluting stents ineffective.

As per Dr. Cortese these balloons can be used in at least 40% of procedures ranging upto 70% if used by an expert. This world’s first Sirolimus drug coated balloon involves a drug and carrier complex to reach the inner layers of the vessel walls, acting like a reservoir for the long-term release of medication, thereby preventing the re-narrowing of a coronary artery.

India is fortunate enough to have these two expert cardiologists from Italy, as they are here to conduct programmes and workshops to educate professionals on the effective use of the drug-coated balloon technique for percutaneous coronary intervention. Concept Medical and C3 Research Foundation, Chennai recently hosted a training session on ‘DCB in PCI – Current concept and Future’ in which these experts spoke at length about the potential of this new drug-coated balloons and cases which were suitable for its usage specially patients with multiple blockages or those who need a longer stent. The session was attended by chennai’s leading interventional cardiologists and medical students.

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