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Inclisiran – A Game Changer For Reducing Bad Cholesterol

High levels of cholesterol, specifically low-density lipoproteins (LDL) are a significant contributor to cardiovascular disease. So in order to manage cardiac complications better, it is important to take care of one’s cholesterol levels. FDA approved ‘Inclisiran’, sold under the brand name ‘Leqvio’, is a medication for the treatment of people suffering from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, primary hyperlipidemia while on a maximum dose of statin therapy.

Inclisiran is an injectable, chemically synthesized long acting, small chain small interfering RNA that targets PCSK9 protein to lower plasma LDL cholesterol. The advantage of this medicine over statins is that it requires infrequent dosing (twice per year) and also provides sustained and effective LDL-C reduction in conjunction with statins. Its prolonged effect may help reduce medication noncompliance and is considered as a game changer for heart disease patients by a wide range of medical practitioners.

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