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E-cigarettes Should Come Under The Scanner

In New Delhi, India recently Think Change Forum (TCF) which is an independent think tank and Parwarish Cares Foundation organized the National Conference of Educators wherein the aim was to address the issue of usage of new age gateway products among school going children. The new age gateway products include all forms of heat-not-burn (HNB) products, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), e-hookah and more. The panelists stressed the need to expose the manipulations being carried out by e-cigarette marketeers and empower children to resist these influences. Consistent technological upgrades done on e-cigarettes make them more functional, sophisticated, attractive or visually appealing to children and young adults.

This makes it imperative to safeguard children, by preventing this technological reinvention and curbing the manipulation of youth through aggressive marketing tactics. There is also lack of awareness among teachers, children and parents about vaping which is primarily the use of e-cigarettes which leads to lung diseases and cardio-vascular issues. Keeping in mind the gravity of the situation, experts came up with many suggestions for educators and parents to prevent the use of gateway devices among children.

It was suggested to educate children about how marketing manipulated them into experimenting with electronic gateway devices. There is a need to reduce demand through appropriate and active communication with children, parents and educators. Awareness building exercises with multiple dimensions like highlighting children who do not vape as heroes or involving affected students or alumni in communication efforts. In medical colleges too, awareness needs to be created about these new-generation electronic vaping devices so that doctors are equipped with accurate information. We can incorporate behavioural indicators in report cards, include life skills education in schools and also use social media influencers and podcasts to deter children from experimenting with these new age gateway products.

Children need guidance on how to manage curiosity and resist experimentation with these products. There is also a need to encourage educators and parents to openly discuss their vulnerabilities and personal experiences, making them more relatable to children.

Source: www.Livemint.Com

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