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It is quite normal to be somewhat worried about members of your family in the world that we currently live in and thanks to technology, we have ways that we can keep an eye on our kids and our elderly parents that give us the essential peace of mind that we need. Even though it is only a short trip to the local school from your house and your child wants to walk there by themselves, it doesn’t stop you still thinking about them and worrying about them. The same thing applies to elderly parents who live some distance away and as they get older, their mobility is affected and so we have concerns about their safety as well.

Many elderly parents live in two-storey houses and so that means that there are stairs to climb and a real possibility that they might slip and fall. If your parent lives by themselves then the worry levels go up even more and so we would like to be able to provide them with a device that they can use to call out for help when they need it the most. These personal alarms are so easy to operate by the user and you can find them here at If this is all very new to you and you would like to find out more about this device then the following are just some of the benefits of investing in one.

They get assistance quickly

These personal alarms are perfect for people who fall down and can’t get up even though they do eat all of their micro-greens. If they live by themselves then there is no one there to assist and if the phone is not nearby then they find themselves in a very difficult situation. The duress alarm however can be worn on your person and so you can raise the alarm immediately if you do slip and fall. Another selling point is that many of them are water resistant and so you can take them into the shower and bath as well.

They can save you money

Nobody likes to take money into the equation when thinking about their children or their elderly parents but if you were to purchase one of these personal alarms then it would be a lot cheaper than having to pay someone to stay with your parents 24/7 or to call in with them a couple of days a week. The cost of paying for 24-hour monitoring for these devices is only a fraction of what it would cost to pay an individual to be there.

These devices also allow the individual to keep their independence and if your parents are living by themselves for some time now, then they do not want people unnecessarily interfering in their lives. By offering them one of these personal alarms, you are providing them with something that is incredibly useful. If you would like your child to wear one then it’s not like you were following them around in front of their friends and they will feel much safer knowing that mom or dad are not far away if they feel that they are in trouble.

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