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With a huge rural Indian population it is a gigantic task to provide accessibility of preventive and predictive health screening to the remotest areas of rural India where even primary healthcare facilities are scanty. But committed to handling this adverse condition is Health Link Pvt. Ltd., which has recently launched India Health Link (IHL) Care Digital Health Centre in Khagaria, Bihar making it the first-of-its-kind zero assistance Integrated Digital Health Centre (DHC) in the remote district of Khagaria with a population of more than 16 lakh people with almost 47% women inhabited in 306 villages. This Digital Health Centre also contains the world’s first Made in India Health Kiosk (Hpod) having multi-lingual compatibility with 12+ Indian languages with teleconsultation integrated with pharmacy and laboratory.

This facility will give the people of Khagaria a walk-in experience who can get their key vitals captured within 5 minutes and also get their unique IHL Health Accounts created which can also be integrated with Ayushman Bharat Health Account (ABHA) as it is the key to digital healthcare journey. This model aims to fill the healthcare delivery crisis which rural India is in dire need of as we have abysmally low doctor-patient ratio of 1:1456 and also of paramedics by helping the Anganwadi workers and ANMs to focus on their door to door visit programs.

IHL Care Digital Health Centre has developed a proprietary ‘hPOD’  which is a self-service ATM size health station capable of screening more than 20 essential vital parameters including temperature, pulse, blood pressure, SpO2, ECG and Body Mass Composition without medical assistance. The health pod will also allow teleconsultation withApollo TeleHealth doctors. The villagers will be aided to create their own electronic health records and take control of their wellness by making informed health choices.


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