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An industry leader in the medical devices space, Medtronic has made a breakthrough innovation by bringing in pacemakers and other implanted heart devices like defibrillators that can connect to a patient’s mobile device or smartphone. The basic function of these implantable heart devices is to deliver electrical impulses to the heart muscle chambers to contract and pump blood to the body. So they are used to either prevent or correct arrhythmias (uneven, too fast or too slow heartbeats). Traditionally, pacemakers or defibrillators are monitored through a bed-side console that transmits the defibrillator or pacemaker data to the doctor.

Though there are millions of patients worldwide who have these implantable devices in them but many of them lack the basic understanding of the device or its functionality as well as its adherence to remote monitoring that has been suboptimally used till date. So the bluetooth-enabled pacemakers can help bridge this gap and provide a remedy to these issues of disconnection between patients and their cardiac treatment. These pacemakers have to be used with a mobile application which helps patients to have a greater insight into their health data from the pacemakers and transmit the health information to their treating doctors. This innovation is being looked at as one of the most impressive breakthroughs in healthcare technologies for the year 2021.

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