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Preventive health checkups can really contribute towards better, more efficient and more effective management of cardiovascular diseases. Not only heart failure, stroke or cardiac arrest but almost all cardiovascular diseases can be prevented if detected early. In India due to the large population carrying out preventive checkups has been a challenge. Keeping this scenario in mind India Health Link (IHL) launched hPod which is a unique non-invasive health device to carry out accurate digitally integrated preventive and predictive cardiovascular screening. These hPod kiosks can detect the onset of disease early, thereby making the way for its prevention.

IHL realised that there is a great need of digitally integrated preventive and predictive PHYGITAL (physical+digital) ecosystem to carry out the primary heart screening of the entire 1.3 billion population of India where majority of people hesitate to go to the diagnostic centres and this need has become imperative in the ongoing pandemic scenario. These self service health  kiosks are made on the basis of those similar ones which are developed in the United States of America and has done more than 235 million scans. The beauty of this device is that it has been customised as per the Indian requirements over a period of 6 years and has undergone a year-long comprehensive clinical trial at a tertiary care hospital. These kiosks have embedded technologies from Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC), with ITA2008/HIPAA certifications for data privacy, carry US FDA and CE approvals and are enrolled for QAI certification in India.

COVID infections have pushed us to necessarily carry out cardiac screening for the Indian population with emphasis on those who have recently recovered from COVID.  It is recommended that every 4 months people who have recovered from COVID should get an evaluation of their heart and vascular health to rule out any abnormal changes.

One of the recent studies shows that people who have recovered from COVID-19 have displayed a sharp increase in 20 cardiovascular problems over the one year post infection. People with COVID infection had a 72% increased risk of heart failure, 52% increased risk of stroke and 63% increased risk of heart attack in comparison to the control group.

It is very important to note that cardiac diseases can be prevented if detected early. So with the launch of these award winning self-service, walk-in hPod (Health ATM or Health kiosk or Fitness station) which connects primary, preventive and predictive healthcare, India is taking a step ahead in effective cardiac care. One can conduct more than 20 non-invasive medical tests including ECG, pulse, SPO2, Body Mass Composition and Blood Pressure without any assistance of a paramadic within 5 minutes. These hPOd create a very efficient phygital healthcare system which empowers an individual to take control of their health, detect problems at an early stage and avail timely consultation by a physician to control the surge of heart diseases.


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