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According to the Department of Biotechnology, the incidence of dyslexia in India is estimated around 10% and almost 35 million children in India are thought to have this learning disability. Dyslexia is the most common of all neuro-cognitive disorders and nearly the same percentage of males and females have dyslexia. Keeping this medical condition in mind, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, India has recently launched an Artificial Intelligence (AI)- based website by the name of for dyslexia. The institute has come up with this in-house website to enable children diagnosed with dyslexia to read, write and learn normally. This web portal was launched by the Department of Child Neurology to aid and assist dyslexic kids who have a neurological disease that affects learning, including oral and written language, making it difficult to grasp or read words and/or numbers.

Before the site was launched, a study was conducted on 44 children who had undergone functional magnetic resonance imaging (F-MRI) while using the application. The results revealed that a majority of the children had success in learning languages and words just like normal children. There are 8 modules in the application which covers different aspects of learning languages presented in a creative way which will help kids read, write and explain like normal children through artificial intelligence. AIIMS and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi have been collaborative partners in developing this innovative application.

Source: economic times

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