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With the age of technology advent, various new roles are arising in all the industries. But there is skepticism, misinformation, and lack of knowledge about the industry and the opportunities available in such industries like say Healthcare Industry. So here are some of the amazing opportunities in the healthcare sector that you might interest yourself with:

Respiratory Therapist:

Who deals with a specific set of patients with respiratory problems which covers the lungs and the throat. The patients consulting such therapist would be having issues like asthma, COPD, emphysema, etc. The job requires the patient to be administered with various techniques of breathing for the cure. There are many dimensions in this job you work directly with patients, work behind the scenes doing sleep studies. 

Radiation therapist:

This therapist primarily deals with patients with Cancer, these therapists administering radiation treatments on the protocols provided by supervisors/physicians.

Dentist(Dental Hygienist)

This profession deals with conducting screenings, providing treatment to prevent oral problems, and advisory for the upkeep of oral hygiene.

Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is a licensed medical professional who assists doctors with various procedures and coordinates patient care

Physician Assitant

 It is a growing profession. The PA works under a licensed physician and does the task of basic diagnosis of the patient, review the patient’s medical history, patient counseling, medicine prescription, assess the patient’s progress, etc. The depth of work depends on the supervisor physician.

Speech-Language Pathologist

Speech-language pathologists evaluate, diagnose, and treat speech, language, communication, and swallowing disorders. These highly trained clinicians work as part of a collaborative, interdisciplinary team of professionals, which includes physical therapists, occupational therapists, social workers, teachers, physicians, audiologists, and psychologists, among others. It also provides therapeutic application of corrective measures to help people with speech disorders.

Physical therapist

A licensed medical professional who diagnoses physical abnormalities and who restores physical functionalities by administering and further promoting physical activities. Physical therapists provide the patient with therapy to get the mobility back. 

Occupational Therapists

This kind of therapist helps a patient restore function through purposeful activities to restore functional independence and help the patient get back to their regular life quickly. They work with orthopedic injuries(injuries to the musculoskeletal system), neurological patients, etc. The Occupational therapists focus on improving the motor functions of the patients. What it means to improve/restore the motor functions is to restore smaller fine movements like dressing, feeding, writing (for children with handwriting deficits), etc.


This occupation is the practice of examining the eyes and applicable visual systems for defects of abnormalities and the administering of vision tests to evaluate visual acuity and visual perception in humans. In addition to diagnosis, they are also known as ophthalmic opticians are trained and authorized to correct treatment, and/or manage vision changes through the prescription and disbursement of corrective lenses and medication when necessary.


This job is about drugs and medicines, their manufacturing, dose calculation, etc. It doesn’t only mean checking the availability of medicine and provide the medicine asked but to better understand the reaction between the medicines and better provide medicine to the patient based on the individual’s condition.


They are licensed healthcare professionals, who specialize in foot, ankle, and associated structure. They use various advanced biomechanics and chemical therapies to effectively and promptly treat lower limb disorders.


It is the specialty dealing with patients before, during, and post-surgery. They are responsible for a patient to get through surgery safely. In addition to ensuring patients are properly sedated and comfortable throughout the operation, they also maintain stable vitals, their blood calculation, and open airway for adequate breathing.


They help patients in assessing and recover a patient’s symptoms/ conditions like psychological pain trauma distress. Psychiatrists are Medical doctors who have completed the certification program for it, they rely more on talk therapy training to improve a patients’ condition and rely on medication for treatment in case of severe symptoms.

Don’t mix a psychologist with a psychiatrist who can only diagnose and treat mental illness using only nonmedication treatments. They do not have detailed knowledge as Psychiatrists so they are not allowed to prescribe medication so they are not permitted to do so. They often work together based on the psychologists working on therapy and psychiatrist working on medication of the patient.

Now while deciding the profession various factors come into play like:

  • Work environment or say the setting you would be working in,
  • Autonomy,
  • Hands-on like a physician or hands off like a radiation therapist,
  • Whether you can endure the no. of years of schooling of a said profession or not,
  • Cost of education, how much debt are you willing to go into.
  • Current Financial obligations/conditions,etc. 

(Note: This article is just a means to give basic information and to incite students, who are taking steps towards a medical career. There is more to know than what appears in front. I would suggest doing detailed research on any career path you feel intrigued about in the article as there is a lot more to learn for each career stated here.)

“Composed by: Rohan Tandel”

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