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A multi-disciplinary team of doctors at a multi-speciality quarternary care hospital, MGM Healthcare located in Chennai has successfully performed India’s first CT-guided minimally invasive neurosurgery. The team led by Prof. Dr. K Sridhar performed the surgery on a 28 years old female patient from Bangladesh who was suffering from severe torment at the scruff of her neck and head for the last 9 years. Patient’s everyday life was very much hampered to the extent that she could not even take care of her 8 year old child. After going through a series of consultations, multiple scans and different treatments in some of the top healthcare institutions both in Bangladesh and India, she was referred to MGM Healthcare for further assessment and treatment.

The team at MGM conducted a high resolution 3T MRI scan with MR neurography and came out with a diagnosis that the pain was emerging from the left cervical C2 Dorsal root ganglion, high up in the neck. Once the scans clearly displayed the underlying issue, the sole treatment option administered was to perform a surgery which would destroy the pain fibers of the ganglion.

Due to the sensitive location of the ganglion, in the course of planning the surgery, the team had to be very cautious so as to avoid the major risks of paralysis or death. The team resorted to undertake a minimally invasive intervention instead of an open surgery. The highly experienced team of interventional radiologists was roped in to assist the CT-guided radiofrequency ablation procedure which is definitely more precise and accurate with significantly reduced risks. In the past the team has performed many radiofrequency procedures on other organs of the body but undertaking a radiofrequency ablation surgery for C2 dorsal root ganglion under CT guidance is the first of its kind in India. The surgery was a success as there were zero complications. The patient is expected to lead a normal and a healthy life there after.


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