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‘Hydracup’ to tackle dehydration in care homes

Dehydration is seen to be huge problem within the elderly population which definitely needs attention. In UK as per statistics nearly one in four persons will be above the age of 65 by the year 2050, making it a global phenomenon. In UK more than 40,000 elderly people die needlessly every year from the effects of dehydration within care. The common effects of dehydration include weakness, dizziness, low blood pressure all of which increase the risk of falls that happen to the elder population which turns out to be one of the most frequent and serious injuries amongst the elderly. Also the number of deaths resulting from low hydration levels is shocking.

Even mild dehydration level of 1-3% (fluid loss) can impair energy levels leading to major reductions in memory and brain performance. This shows that dehydration amongst the elderly cannot be taken lightly and it needs immediate attention. In this light Aquarate Limited has stated its mission to reduce hydration-related issues and related preventable deaths and thus has introduced their smart cup known as HYDRACUP to improve the quality of care for loved ones. Hydracup happens to be the world’s first automated hydration tracking system.

In this pandemic the healthcare workers are already stressed and there is immense amount of added pressure on them apart from paperwork and reporting still care of elderly cannot be compromised owing to the situation. So in this scenario hydracups will prove to be very beneficial for monitoring adequate fluid intake sip by sip by the elderly. The hydracup technology integrates with a multitude of care plans and patient softwares so all the data is stored in one place. Presently Hydracup is the only smart cup in the market that can produce accurate data which integrates into care systems, saves time of the caregivers and is high in quality. Apart from discreetly tracking down an individual’s fluid intake by automatically measuring the volume of the liquid, the smart cup also allows one to see patterns and trends in a person’s drinking habits at the click of a button.

The use of hydracups is expected to reduce dehydration in the users thereby bringing in an overall improvement in their health by improving their moods, reducing the disrupted sleep patterns and stimulating their appetite. It is also expected to reduce preventable hospital re-admissions


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