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Sure-shot dissimilarities were noticed between the last leg of these mega-events where all eyes on Google-earth were glued on fireworks demonstrated by the Big-Boys before ACCEPTING to seal their fate in 2016 vs. in 2020 when voters in the United States (US) got wooed by their 46th Presidential candidate. This article comes in the catalogue of some unpredictable moments with a touch of nostalgia as my fate was also sealed in 2016 when I anticipated to be in the best health-equity but God was using an inevitable ink-color to re-write my story.

I still remember that evening when this foursome-effect changed it all for me being diagnosed with a rare medical condition, Isaac Syndrome (a diverse disorder as a result of muscular hyperactivity), Membranous Glomerulonephritis (a slowly progressive disease of the kidney), Lymes (a bacterial infection that can be spread to humans by infected ticks), Glaucoma (an eye conditions that damage the optic nerve often caused by high pressure) and the journey still continues……Easy said than done but only Accepting this hurricane blowing off, my cards-of-health was the only option. 

As I grew up living alone past my post graduation, I realized that self-responsibility teaches some of the greatest life-lessons, realizing early not to hypnotize life as it takes seconds for the glory of the past to consign into flames of the present. After all the evil-symbolizing tantrums of life, it left me with little but no choice to accommodate and make room for the ”ACCEPTANCE PRESCRIPTION”.

Healing -Chasing The Art of Acceptance1
Healing - Chasing The Art of Acceptance

Initially it was like a grenade launched from a power-packed missile but slowly as time graduated, the ‘A’cceptance of God acclimatising for something new got evident as differences between the performing spirits of the past vs. demonic losses of the present bought me face-to-face with my reality and the courage to re-work on life.

 Since 2016, a 180 degree shift initiated my unworried world slip into virgin territories when the illegal immigration of health-damage set it’s foot by unleashing the changed format being of the new law of life. In a split-of-seconds, my health cover seemed insufficient, travelling for leisure appeared farfetched, daily jogs & cycling diverged to weekly walks, consuming cartons of medicines was a daily practice, compulsive attendance with doctors than friends was the new normal etc. At a point in life I was scratching the surface, not peeping inside with the fear of being declared defeated but ‘A’cceptance is all about finding our own Ikigai (Japanese term, the relevance of which exaggerates to its closeness with ‘A’ccepting life situations, focusing on overall up-liftment & wellbeing to contentment).


Recently I took the liberty of watching ”The Pursuit of Happiness” a journey of a life-hero being homeless & then a millionaire, ‘A’ccepting failures & living through his personal catastrophe to succeed. The movie has the right ingredients in the light of performance where it took only one conversation to seal Mr. Gardner’s future forever. 

This was one of the epics that inspired my ways to challenge limits & re-discover perceptions whenever the symptom-mystery deepens enacting as a scorpion sting engulfing the relations between my bones & muscles experiencing torn pieces between frequent medicinal changes & technical comfort graph.

  • For me Acceptance is not merely Parroting the ‘A’ word instead submit to addressing my zeal to recovery where the word zeal denotes happily agreeing to offers made by life
  • I can feel the difference in attitude since I was touched by the art of ‘A’ as its taught me to handle uncertainties, better
  • ‘A’ is one of the key therapies that acted like a vastu-tip sublimating my brain-waves towards the truth of the moment becoming another synonym for inner peace
  • This art tested my tolerance to sail through ‘n’ number of undesired encounters
  • ‘A’ is very helpful in providing a safety net defeating the intensifying peer group competition 
  • ‘A’ inched me from a black-board to a smart-board with a baseline making necessary timely amendments in my daily routine creating a fight-back aura
  • ‘A’ is living in the moment instead of planning the future, a step forward surrendering to the omnipotent.
Shadow - Chasing The Art of Acceptance
Chasing The Art of Acceptance

CRUX :- The emotional quotient needs to be well-balanced while sailing through any crisis, if handled with ‘A’cceptance becomes a positive emotion. During my journey I realized this art, apart from being a time-consuming language, also demands loads of practice. It’s importance is inescapable for growth-mileage.

As only a Golden vessel is equipped to hold Lion’s milk until the pH is altered similarly God chooses his special vessels to handle certain humanitarian crisis and therefore I end by urging my peer-group to create an aura around the art of ‘A’cceptance as even these hard times of Covid recites the same mantra to the world. 

Though I admit my target & target-points shifted places but the need of the hour is to mute the background music & surrender to these new algorithms, expecting that someday these lost-dark-years would surface back in the form of wisdom. Currently the only thing that echoes my mind is to ACCCEPT the fact that I haven’t come this far for a casual walk.  

I wish to hear from my readers, if I have collided with fatigue by merely Accepting my today ??

Rachit Shah (pseudonym identity for writing articles to create awareness) was diagnosed with Isaac Syndrome in 2016 presently residing in Mumbai, India. He is a masters in business management with over 13 years of Investment Banking experience (had to quit because of his health condition ).

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