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Why we get fat AND what to do about it - Book review

As a type 2 diabetic and interested in reversing the same!!!

A big part of my quest is to lose weight and ‘right’ diet. As they say you start with ‘why’ when you are looking to solve a problem. Hence, I started with this book with the title apt to my quest by Gary Taubes. Gary makes a case for improved understanding the body biochemistry processes and how carbohydrates have become a major part of our diet and responsible for the menace.

Insulin free period in the blood are the times when fat could be burnt for energy. So, not only do we need less carbohydrates in our meals but also those gaps when insulin is not secreted. As insulin secretion suppresses fat metabolism. So, intermittent fasting could be one method to have those longer gaps when fat metabolism can happen.

As someone said, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food”, Gary Taubes book provides a solid foundation and I must say a myth buster when it comes to understanding of human requirements for food. I encourage you strongly to pick up the book if you are looking to shed those extra kilos. For me, the next step is to convert the understanding to practice and make progress in diabetes reversal. You may check progress on our website:

By Sachin Gaur, Executive Editor, InnoHEALTH Magazine

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