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In this bone-shaking winter every one wants to stay warm. You cannot stay warm in this freezing winter just by wearing warm clothes or rolling blankets around you. To fight winter you have to stay warm not only from outside but from inside.

One reason for an excessive cold can be lacking nutrients and vitamins from your daily food and diet. So, here are some food items that you can add to your daily meal that will not only fulfill your lack of vitamins but also will keep you warm. Here are some foods that you can add to your daily meal to help you stay warmer and increase your overall health.

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1. Ginger and Tulsi (holy basil)


Ginger not only increases the taste of our tea but also helps to keep us warm, as it contains gingerol a substance which is used for medical purposes a lot. It helps in many kinds of nausea and also used for reducing body pain. A good cup loaded with ginger can surely help a lot to feel warm. Now, with a great aroma Tulsi leafs (commonly known as holy basil) is used for ayurvedic medicines for a long time because it contains medicinal properties which is used for treating high blood pressure, high cholesterol, headache, skin diseases, eye disorder and many more diseases. So, adding ginger and Tulsi leaf to your tea or in a meal will be a great idea.

2. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits

It is always a good idea to add some dry fruits to your breakfast table, as dry fruits contain a lot of vitamins and minerals which keeps the balance of your body in check. Dry fruits like nuts, barriers and raisins, almonds especially almonds helps your body to stay warm in winters by providing a lot of energy to your body. Dry fruits also help you to feel full by providing required nutrients to the body.

3. Chilli and Pepper

Chilli and Pepper

Pepper and chilly just by thinking about them makes us feel hot because of their nature. Capsaicin is the chemical which is responsible for the hotness we feel just after eating pepper. As soon as we put the chilli in our mouths the taste buds on our tongue receives the chemical which creates a feeling of hotness eating capsaicin reduces the cholesterol in our blood and makes us feel warm.

4. Whole Grains And Complex Carbs

Whole Grains And Complex Carbs

Because of the fiber whole grain and complex carbs contains, it is hard for our stomach to digest them and to digest them our stomach has to work a lot which requires a lot of energy and when stomach uses a lot of energy it heats up our body because of all the energy generation and consumption. To break those fibers and carbs into essential proteins and minerals, the body has to work hard which will generate heat and we will feel warm. It is almost like providing fuel to an engine to work and emit heat.

5. Drinking Water

Drinking Water

Yes, you reading correct drinking water is one of the most effective and simple ways to keep our body warm or to stay warm as our body uses water to maintain its temperature as per the surroundings. During winters we don’t feel trust a lot or requirement of water in the body because we don’t sweat in winters but water is important for the body in many ways as water is responsible for the fluidity of our blood. Drinking water increases the fluidity of the blood and makes it easy for blood to carry all the required elements to the body cells and by doing so increases the body energy. As a reminder you can keep a water bottle with you.

6. Milk


If you are not able to follow or don’t have enough time or resource to add everything or food item mentioned above then you can simply do one thing to stay warm all day long. You can have a full glass of milk in your breakfast which will give you enough energy to work all day and help you to feel full until lunch. Milk is one of its kind food items because it contains almost every important mineral and vitamin which is required for fulfilling our body’s daily requirements. Milk contains

  • Calcium, used for bones
  • Protein, used for muscles
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12, for red blood cells
  • Vitamin A, for immune system
  • Vitamin B2, converts food into energy

So, you can now understand that milk works as a package of required materials for our body and you don’t have to drink a gallon of milk to make it work only a glass full of it may keep you healthy and warm during a freezing day of winters.

So, try to add these 6 foods in your diet that keep you warm in this freezing winter. As the winters are a prime time where cough cold and flu are an unfortunate fact of life; food is one of the best ways to combat such illnesses. Super foods help you in strengthening your immune system, increase body energy and enhance your mood as well. Read more…

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