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It is a world of digital transformation with a large number of buzz words such as Innovation, Blockchain, AI, etc., spoken around within people on large. This is digital revolution where things change very rapidly with newer concepts, issues, challenges and solutions. One such major issue of digital world is Cybersecurity which relates to Ransomware, bitcoin, etc. Taking the cue, in the current issue of the magazine we intent to explore the trends, and challenges of Cybersecurity and address its need in the healthcare sector.

In a recent healthcare conference, the people were unaware when I spoke about how on October 21, 2013, the former US Vice President Dick Cheney’s doctors disabled his pacemaker’s wireless capabilities to thwart possible assassination attempts. To this, everyone had an issue on accountability. It remains unanswered that who would be liable, the doctor, hospital, company which provided pacemaker or the insurance company. Amidst all this, nobody was concerned about the patient as none present there questioned it. Maybe we are awaiting a major catastrophe to happen to put our minds to work. It is our endeavor to equip the healthcare community to this aspect of digital health.

Cybersecurity is a major concern for patient safety and healthcare infrastructure. The health records, data, hospital information system and individual medical devices are all targets. The vulnerability is in technology and lack of awareness of staff. There are many examples to quote wherein hospitals have become the victim of attacks. A recent audit of a corporate hospital in Delhi by our team revealed that 80% of equipment is vulnerable to cyber attack, thus, risking the patients. Healthcare providers are not sensitized to issue as required hence this magazine is dedicated to Cybersecurity. We have named it Cyber4Healthcare and even launched a training program in the healthcare domain to update knowledge of this extremely important topic. There is an immediate necessity that we invest in staff and equipment to make our systems robust enough to protect them from cyber-attacks.

We at InnovatioCuris always strive to sensitize the healthcare providers with new technologies and our next issue would focus on IoMT or connected healthcare which is overtaking the segment rapidly. However, we should always keep in mind that we are master of technologies and not the other way around. Can humane touch be replaced by technology? The trend nowadays is that we are leaving human ingenuity behind and are being heavily dependent on technology. There is a need to understand the benefits and challenges of newer devices, technology, and thinking. Let us consider how we can balance traditional to modern approach in today’s world and get the best of both worlds. Let our readers share their experiences by writing for the magazine to benefit all.

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