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A big ticket announcement of medical insurance cover for ten crore poor people in India recently has triggered a major debate whether the world’s largest healthcare scheme, being billed by many as Modicare on lines of Obamacare can be a runaway success or just another show?

Skepticism apart, any such initiative has to be religiously adopted by well-intentioned governments. Such steps though pose massive burden on exchequer on one side but vaulting aspirations and dire need of health protection of huge chunk of populace on the other side of scale cannot be rubbished either. So, sooner the better! Now only option left is to implement the initiative in right spirit at the earliest.

Union Health Minister Jagat Prakash Nadda hogged limelight after the announcement in the Budget 2018- 19. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing party’s lawmakers on the budget day directed Mr. Nadda to get on the job immediately in close rapport with his two ministerial colleagues and others to ensure its successful implementation. Official machinery is working on full gear to unspool the mega initiative.

“The government was committed to its implementation” said the minister. And the resource details are being worked while addressing intricate nifty gritty.

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The Health Minister also has given a bird’s-eye view of India’s Healthcare scenario and government plans to meet the challenges.

To keep our readers abreast of researchers being done the world over on health-related problems. We are carrying various studies for benefit of readers. We have also highlighted innovative practices adopted in various zoos to save endangered animals. In this issue, we are carrying acknowledged good work done by the erstwhile Allen Forest Zoological Garden. The magazine is striving hard to highlight innovations in the health sector while focusing its binoculars on latest developments in the health sphere. The magazine salutes a doctor who ensured safe delivery of a baby on Air France flight (mid-air) recently.

Interestingly, a study by PEW offers a new insight of science issues coverage. It says Americans offer a mixed evaluation of how well the news media cover science. But more say that overall they do a good, rather than a bad job. When delving more deeply, however, Americans show scepticism in the accuracy of general news outlets, instead placing more trust in speciality information sources. And, while many see problems in coverage of scientific research stemming from a range of players when asked to choose. Most Americans say the bigger problem stems from how reporters cover scientific research than from the way researchers publish their findings. The situation is no different in other countries. Most people prefer trusted information from niche brands. We are sure that we will be able to provide trusted information with the support of all stakeholders.

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