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A Neo Diabetic’s Tryst with Destiny & Birth of Innovative Enterprise to Combat Challenge

Where there’s a will there’s a way. For a young man – Sachin Gaur, a medical urgency that too on an alien land sent things topsy-turvy for a while, but he envisioned latent prospect in the disgusting scenario. Soon after stepping out from the hospital, he summarily stitched an innovative group to combat challenges being faced by millions of diabetic patients globe over.

Astoundingly, strange are the ways of nature to lend you a helping hand in a well-intentioned initiative. On way back home from Hyderabad, Sachin shared the flight coincidentally with one of the key chemists working with MSD for the last 22 years. He is a Harvard alumnus and was part of the team which designed the molecule called Januvia, which is one of the key drugs for diabetes. The whole gambit of diabetes and afflicted persons were discussed threadbare on board.

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It was Sachin Gaur’s tryst with destiny – narration of the sugary tale. “My quest for diabetes cure and management: a health accident that has given me a purpose in life.

Surrounded by healthcare experts, my quest of promoting healthcare innovations could not have been better. Until I was diagnosed with high blood sugar and the week immediately after with a medical emergency, which has no direct link with my diabetic condition, but the treatment is such that I need to have a strict regime of a brisk walk, frequent meals, and schedule of oral drugs and insulin. As I am writing this I have spent 6 days in a hospital bed (which was the first time since I was born) and 14 days out of it. The condition I had, essentially, I felt reborn but this time it seemed with a greater purpose. So, I am writing this article – not as 35 years old but a 20-day infant.

It seems the drugs that I am taking have made me as curious as a child – nothing seems impossible. I was able to synthesize a few lines on the hospital bed, which summarize my state of the mind. For English readers, this poem essentially means that I want to win my diet, in my mind and the exercise that this body can do. I need a resolve, determination, and courage from the almighty combined with the blessings of my elders and love of dear ones to defeat the voices of the world.

With this thought process in my mind, the project “Experiments with Sugar” ( was born. With a team of 11 – from different walks of life: medical experts, researchers, a filmmaker, and more joining every day; we aim to enable 1 million people living with diabetes either cure or better manage their diabetes by the end of September 2021. I will be reporting the progress to you for the next three years via the InnoHEALTH magazine. This is the first social cause project we have undertaken at “InnovatioCuris Foundation for Healthcare and Excellence” (ICFHE), a not-for-profit organization as a mission mode project.

With the support of our experts, I managed to meet with some of the top experts and we are getting a great response. To name a few: Dr. Rakesh Sahay, Head of Department at Osmania Medical College; Joseph Duffy, Executive Director, Head of A Neo Diabetic’s Tryst with Destiny & Birth of Innovative Enterprise to Combat Challenge External Discovery Chemistry – Kenilworth, Merck & Co.

We plan to release a few episodes every month as a web series to provide scientifically correct information but in an accessible way to the common man. So, as a reader do guide us and send good suggestions our way. By the year-end, we also aim to produce a very high-quality report on the unmet needs of the stakeholders involved in the life of a person living with diabetes. This will then feed into the Smart India Hackathon planned in February 2019 as a diabetes track to support innovation in the country. We need suggestions for a planned roundtable in December 2018 in Hyderabad to validate our findings and further record the proceedings on the best scientific knowledge on diabetes.

Please write to me by sending an email with a suggestion and queries at

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