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Obesity continues to be a challenge in all parts of the world, an epidemic which is spreading with an immense pace. Many procedures have been in vogue to tackle this issue in the past decade. Lately Global Hospitals, a multi super specialty tertiary care hospital has successfully performed first of its kind, procedure on a 45 year old who was almost 30 kilos overweight as per the body mass index count. This pro- cess involves reduction in the size of stomach using an endoscopic suturing device.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the use of a device commonly termed as ‘over stitch’ which is meant for suture perforation. This procedure is intended to facilitate weight loss in obese and adult patients. The outpatient procedure usually takes less time, also the recovery time is less since there’s no incision involved, in most of the cases the patients are discharged on the same day. The device does not alter the stomach’s natural anatomy in any way, however; patients are advised to follow medically supervised diet and exercises in future. While this procedure does not guarantee to replace the conventional method, however; it can be treated as an option while discussing to perform it on the patient. Since bariatric surgery is expensive and needs post surgery maintenance, this new procedurecan be a good option. The benefit being that this procedure is primarily performed through an oral cavity rather than through the abdomen like in the case of bariatric surgeries. It’s absolutely safe and effective to the patients in order to lead a healthier life.

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