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Aggregating the fragmented diagnostic sector of the country, four nations joined forces to launch India’s first global Pathology Laboratory Consortium- Neuberg Diagnostics in Bangalore. Founded by the renowned healthcare entrepreneur, Dr. G.S.K.Velu, the international alliance brings together leading laboratories from India, Sri-Lanka, South Africa and UAE under one umbrella, making it one among the top laboratory chains of the country from the day one of its inception, both in footprints and revenue.

Neuberg Diagnostics was conceived with the goal to erase geographical borders and make the world of healthcare one, bringing advanced diagnostics affordable to people across the globe. The conglomerate, which has a combined diagnostic expertise of over two centuries, is an alliance of top laboratories like Anand Diagnostic Laboratory, Supratech Micropath, Ehrlich lab, Global labs and Minerva Labs, which have already made their presence in their respective countries and states such as Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, South Africa & UAE.

Neuberg will have three world class global reference laboratories located in Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Durban (South Africa) carrying out advanced range of testing using new generation Invitro diagnostics techniques along with total lab automation & big data analytics tools supported by robust world-class laboratory information system.

With full throttle growth expected to take up Indian diagnostics in the near term, the new generation consortium will pool in cutting-edge advanced diagnostics technology and actively perform 5000 plus variety of pathological tests, promoting prevention and early diagnosis, thereby empowering the Indian healthcare consumer. In conjunction with providing comprehensive laboratory services, covering all areas of laboratory medicine. Neuberg will combine conventional pathology testing, new generation laboratory techniques and basic Radiology & imaging techniques for enhanced patient outcomes.

The aim of the partnership is to develop a new shared services model for the provision of pathology services in the Middle East, Africa including west and South India. Neuberg Diagnostics is built on the vision to provide modern, innovative and sustainable services that deliver world-class lab facilities with the focus on high-end technology and services like Genomics and Proteomics to doctors and patients alike.

Indian healthcare delivery is growing by leaps and bounds. A global consortium is, therefore set to be a major platform, to introduce new generation pathology services to the sector, thereby increasing the quality and affordability of the country’s healthcare services.

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