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First Meeting of IC Innovator Club (IC)2:
Supporting the Aspirations of Innovators

With the commitment to giving an encouraging platform to innovators and aspiring start ups, InnovatioCuris (IC) was created as a knowledge based platform to exchange best practices of healthcare innovations across the globe by conducting international conferences, and extending the same message in internationally-acclaimed, quarterly magazine named “InnoHEALTH”, complimentary webinars and training.

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On the third day of the event, a special seminar was hosted by IC Innovator Club (IC)2 with its first meeting held on 20 Sept 2017 at India International Center (IIC, Annexe), New Delhi.

The club brought all innovators, investors, start up, technology persons, policy makers, health experts and legal advisers under one large umbrella to be members and hold hands by sharing success stories and challenges and to incubate their ideas to take the dream and vision of India forward. It has a very strong band of advisers to support the activity of club and mentor projects. The aim is to bring down healthcare delivery cost yet maintain quality through innovations. IC has an outreach of 30,000 people globally to share its activities. The first of the club meetings was supported by Amity University, represented by Dr. Ajit Kumar Nagpal and three of the leading investors in the field of health and medical facilities.

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“There’s a rapid adoption of innovations in technology. Potential impact of mobile technology on health care is so immense that a health worker can be fully operational and productively useful in 60 to 70% less time than before. What’s impacting hospitals is the online information searching; Realtime data analysis; RFID technology, mobile diagnostics, wellness apps, 3D printing and bio printing to name a few.”

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“Access to good health is a right and should not depend on where you live and how much you earn. But sadly, that is the reality in our health care system today. With less than 7.5 doctor to a thousand patients, we are at the lowest end of the pyramid and we have a severely underserved health care industry in the country. Even though we have more than 70 per cent of the country population in the rural areas, but less than a 3rd of the medical resources including doctors, laboratories, hospitals and hospital beds.”


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