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The chair introduced the discussions explaining how the session was planned to further motivate the delegations as it was a hugely important session on non communicable diseases. Utmost importance to be given in spreading awareness. Ongoing efforts to medicate the impacts as NCD constituents to both economic and human well being throughout the world.

NCD accounts for 40% and 60% deaths by NCD, according to the statistics Jesper found and he compared with statistics of his country where 90% of deaths occur due to NCD. Danish organizations are raising awareness about NCD and Jesper to engage in the project around the world that aid to build necessary health infrastructure to combat these NCD.

Dr. Gupta shared his views on 3D healthcare as he felt the practical model of health is the 3D approach to healthcare which can address all problems. He suggested changing the perspective of looking a human being as a whole instead of a particular disease.

3D in healthcare was termed by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam at an event. Dr. Gupta then compared the important factors in two frames which were before and after lifestyle interventions in which he found drastic changes. He showcased how they trained people by various enthusiastic activities promoting 3D healthcare.

The 3 Dimensions of 3D healthcare are Spiritual care, mental care, physical care and recommended a holistic approach to healthcare.

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