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Around 77% of internet users report having a social media account. Facebook is the most popular social media platform for communication. Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Twitter, and Tumblr are gaining popularity among the younger generation.

Healthcare communicators face a unique challenge. Like all practitioners, they must build relationships in a feverish digital environment.

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How social media can be used:

  1. Connect with the patient directly without any delay
  2. Quickly capture the attention of patients, consumers, and audience
  3. Leverage Twitter to drive support and spoken the language around health care problems

Let’s take an example of Vodafone:

The second largest telecom company in India is Vodafone. Recently, I faced some internet issue. I was busy at that time, so was unable to contact the customer care then. After two days, when I was scrolling through Twitter, I mentioned Vodafone with my problem in a tweet. In reply, the Vodafone twitter team requested for my contact number. I gave my number and got a call within 24 hours from a Vodafone customer care executive and eventually got my internet issue resolved.

So, this is a classic example of how Vodafone used Social Media to resolve their customer issues Same can be applied to healthcare. If someone has the fever or any disease, he/she can contact the hospital or doctor or clinic’s facebook/twitter or any other social media account, and get the proper treatment without traveling.

There are some companies like Netmeds, Visit, Lybrate, Doctor Insta, DocsAppetc; who use apps for their business. But they use apps.

Who taught earlier that medicine can be sold through a  telephone. It is the new way to reach to the people. And it continues.

Businesses doing their business through Social Media. Social Media is creating business opportunities. Problem is that people are not taking it seriously. They think that it is just a medium to connect with friends. We have to change this thinking and create new opportunities for the society.

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