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Medela India, producer of breast pumps and nursing accessories announced the launch of their unique Breast Pump Advisor service, a first-of-its kind digital consultant of breast pumps, to ease out breastfeeding for new lactating mothers. The breast pump advisor is a personalized resource which recommends the ideal Medela breast pump basis one’s lifestyle, breastfeeding goal, baby birth, baby’s health, breast and nipple issues and breastfeeding challenges. Breast pumps are devices that enable mothers to provide mother’s milk for babies who cannot feed directly at the breast for a variety of reasons such as latch-on problems, cleft palate or premature babies. Breast pumps are also convenient, even necessary, for mothers to express and store their breast milk once they have returned to work, travelling or otherwise separated from their baby. Breast Pump Advisor serves as a one stop destination for every new mother to find and compare different Medela breast pumps and choose the one that best meets her needs. This multi-utility digital service refers a database of over 300 possible permutation and combination and displays the recommendation that best fits the mother’s unique journey. Not only does the mother get to know her ideal breast pump, she is also able to get a personalized list of articles to read which are based on her discreet lifestyle and breastfeeding challenges. Thus empowering her to make the right choice – for herself and her baby!


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