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Anushka Singh an eighth grade student at Delhi Public School, Gurgaon is an avid reader. She follows all contemporary literature starting from Famous Five to Harry Potter but has developed a keen liking to Greek mythology. This interest has led to writing more about this subject. She is proving to be a budding author and her bibliophilic nature has won her the title of book worm amongst her friends. She is showing her creative interests in her paintings and short stories.

It was my privilege when I was asked to name the new company to deal “Healthcare Innovation” as a couple of names planned by founders were already registered. It was a great learning and opportunity for me. I’ve always had a liking for Greek and Roman mythology which has connect with health sector. When others seemed bored to hear the tales of mighty demigods like Perseus and Hercules, I was always interested and loved to hear their tales. This is why every time I stepped outside, I found myself looking at the staff of Hermes, the god of travellers beside every medical institute, hospitals and ambulances. I was extremely confused because what does the god of travellers has to do with a hospital? I quickly realized that the staff was not meant to be one of Hermes, but of Asceplus, the god of MEDICINE. You see, the staff of Hermes has wings and two snakes wrapped around it, while Asceplus’ staff has a single snake with no wings in sight. As this symbol began to appear everywhere, I was greatly frustrated, as Hermes was better known as the god of THIEVES. It was almost symbolic, as many doctors these days suggest a million unwanted tests, a few surgeries and foot long prescription, mounting up to a giantish fee, for something which might just turn out to be a common cold.

So as soon as I got the chance to name a company, I jumped at it and dove immediately into the archives of mythology inside my head. Immediate choices were Apollo, god of healing. But the name was already taken, and so was Artemis, who was Apollo’s twin sister, goddess of the hunt. (But in this context, the fact that she was the goddess of childbirth seems more important). I thought of Asceplus, the previously mentioned god of medicine but finally decided on simply translating the words ‘innovation and healthcare’ to Latin to form the words ‘Innovatio Curis’ which was immediately accepted and instantly registered. The symbol was also something I had an opinion, and you can see that as it has the staff of Asceplus in it, with a single snake and no wings. It looks very innovative as well, which was its main function. It attracts the attention of the onlooker and makes you wonder about its origin. And well, that’s the way I ended up naming a company ‘Innovatio Curis’. And hey, now you know what it means too! At least you wouldn’t put up Hermes’ staff next to your pharmacy now I hope…?

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